Passionate about gradients and preserving our planet. This is how we do it.

You’re probably reading this wondering what Blu-Core actually is, or what we do. For this very reason, we created the Blu-Core blog, through which we’ll keep you updated with what we’re working on and what we’re all about.


For now, though, let us tell you all about what Blu-Core is. As we know, since the beginning of time, humans have plundered the earth of raw materials, destroyed it with man-made materials and reached a point where we keep asking ourselves, “what next?”. Well, we’d like to do our bit for the “what next” question.


As a manufacturer of building aggregates, we’ve decided to create a unique sub-base that consists of recycled materials instead of digging up more and more of our precious land. Through this, we’ve created sub-bases consisting of G5, G6 & G6 along with building sand. What makes our gradients different, is the fact that we have been approved by the Global Greentag Accreditation Firm, who has certified our products with a Platinum Certification.


Not only are you protecting the environment by using our products, but you are creating a new generation of buildings that are constructed economically and will contribute to the preservation of our planet for the next generation.


So, when taking on your next project, stick to the Blu-Core brand of aggregates, not only are we eco-friendly, but we come highly recommended by Civil Engineers, Architects and Construction Professionals.